With proven track record in helping students improve their grades, we are the right choice for your one-on-one tutoring needs for math, science, English, biology, chemistry, and physics.

Why Customers Love Capstone Learning

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How Our Approach Works

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  • Initial consutation and assessment allow our Tutor and Academic Adviser to understand your child's strength and weakness and draw up a unique tutoring plan.

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  • Our qualified tutor helps your child attain mastery of concepts and skills through intensive one-on-one tutoring sessions.

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  • You receive periodic feedback on the tutoring progress and call reach out to us any time for questions and requests.

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  • Your child's progress is constantly analyzed so he or she can receive the best customized tutoring at all times.

We Offer The Following Types of Tutoring

Elementary / Middle School Math Tutoring

Math at elementary and middle school levels is so important because it is the foundation for high school math.

At Capstone Learning, we help your child understand basic math concepts and be able to apply them in variety of contexts and problems.

Your child will gain interest and confidence in math while having fun at the same time.

High School Math Tutoring

High school math is tough for most students.

We have the expertise in making the difficulty concepts easier for students.

Through intensive one-on-one tutoring with our expert tutors, your teenage child will learn to think like a mathematician.

English Tutoring

Our English tutors have minimum Bachelor's degree in English or related field and experience tutoring English to variety of students.

Whether your child has a reading problem, wants to improve on essay writing, or wants to attain higher grades in school, we can help.

Just let us know your situation and requests, and we will match the best tutor for your child.

Science Tutoring

Sciences in high school involve complex, multi-disciplinary subjects. Tutoring requires in depth knowledge and know-how in making the concepts understandable.

Our tutors in sciences, such as science 7-10, biology, chemistry, and physics have a minimum Bachelor's degree in their field and experience in tutoring the subjects.

Through one-on-one tutoring, we help your child understand nuances of each concept and be able to solve complex problems.

Contact us today for free consultation. Let us know how we can help your child.

Intensive Math Contest Preparation Courses

Intensive math contest preparation courses will train your child to think like a mathematician. How do you approach a novel problem never seen before? How do you logically connect the dots and come up with an innovative approach? All taught by an experienced instructor with over 15,000 hours of direct instructional experience for high school students.


Canadian Senior Mathematics Contests Course (CSMC) Grade 11 - 12 Fridays 6pm – 8:15pm September 6th – November 15th

Small class format. Space is limited.

Get Your Child To Think Like A Mathematician


Extract information from complex problems and organize them for sense-making.


Connect dots on seemingly unrelated concepts and reveal hidden patterns.


More than just a trial-and-error, learn the skill in coming up with the innovative approach in solving a problem.


Combine the problem-solving skills and practice them so they become a second-nature.

But What If My Child Don't Plan To Participate In A Math Contest?

  • 1
  • Learning the strategies in solving problems help your child in tackling critical thinking questions in school math tests.

  • 2
  • Learning how to solve problems will instill confidence in your child.

  • 3
  • By solving novel problems, your child will learn skills to solve problems in workplace in the future.

  • 4
  • Math is fun – this aspect of math is often suppressed by dreary textbook math questions. Being challenged by good problems can rekindle your child’s interest in math.