Testimonials and Success Stories

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What Parents Have Said About Us

My daughter, Janet, studied at Capstone Learning for more than a year, and she is in Gr 9. Her math grades increased from 80%s to around 95%. The material taught here is in close alignment with the school curriculum, and because her tutor's personalized teaching, my daughter really liked to come to study. Her tutor's English communication is better than some Chinese Canadian high school teachers's. I am so happy my daughter met her tutor at Capstone Learning!

- Janet's Mom

My son, Henry, had difficulty in math, and got only 66% in math when he finished math 9, so we were very worried.

Last year in July, we found Capstone Learning, and went there for 2 months for review. As a result, Henry was no longer afraid to do homework, and he began to show clear steps in writing his answer (previous assignments were messy), and he also liked to go to his tutoring class (in the past, he was resistant in going to any extra tutoring classes).

Henry studied with his tutor at Capstone Learning twice a week during the school year, and when we got back the report card in April of this year, Henry's math mark was 86%. Not only did his mark increase, his study habit improved, and he no longer leaves his homework to last minute. We are lucky to have him as our son's tutor.

- Henry's Mom

My daughter's math was a source of headache for us in Grade 8. Her math mark was mediocre, and she was not confident in math. As a parent, I felt distressed becuase I didn't know how to improve her math.

Fortunately, we found Capstone Learning. For a year, under the guidance of her tutor, my daughter's mark significantly improved in Gr 9. She regained her self-confidence in math. Only good tutors can make a student better; tutors at Capstone Learning are such tutors.

- Sheryl's Dad

My friend recommended Capstone Learning, and my daughter began to attend her tutoring sessions. November last year, my daughter not only got into IB program easily, she also gained more confidence in math. The most important thing is that my daughter really likes to take lessons with her tutor. Thank you!

- Jenna's Mom

My son, Howard, really likes to play Internet games and didn't show interest in studying. His grades were very unstable, always around 60%s. He lacked motivation in studying math and physics, especially. Next year, he will be Grade 12, so we were very frustrated.

Howard started one-on-one lesson starting in February. In four months, he could solve various questions effectively and timely. Howard's tutor taught him according to his weaknesses and gave extra homework if his school didn't give it. His tutor actively communicated with us and tried to find ways to make him become more interested in learning. His teaching method was easily understood by my child.

He recently scored 84% in math, so we are very thankful.

- Howard's Mom

I received my son's report card. I am so happy that he made a big progress in Math and Science. Both subjects are over 90s, very outstanding. And he is very confident on them. So I would thank you very much for your excellent works. In the new term, I would see he is able to stay on this level, and continue to be challenged further more.

- Layla

What Our Students Have Said About Us

Thanks for teaching me throughout the year. I was able to understand more of the things we learned in class.

- Linda

I recently finished my exams. I just want to say thanks for all the tutoring it really helped me ^^. See you in the future hopefully :)

- Steven

Thank you for helping me with everything in Math, Chemistry and Biology. I appreciate it very much because I get better marks in school.

- John

Thanks for being such a great tutor!

- Emily

Thanks for teaching me for all these years. I'm grateful for all you've taught me!

- Eric

Thank you so much for your help and guidance throughout these years. You have really helped me a lot you are an awesome tutor & tutor.

- Yolanda

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