Intensive Math Contest Preparation Courses

There are many math contests held by universities in Canada. The most popular contests are held by University of Waterloo throughout the year. The contests are between 1 hour to 2.5 hours long, and the format can be either multiple choice questions or written questions which test your child’s communication skills in addition to thinking skills. They all have challenging questions that can be solved through critical analysis and creative thinking.

Math contests are useful in several ways. One is that it piques your child’s curiosity and increases his or her interest in math. Through solving novel and difficult questions, students learn that math is really a tool to solve problems and not just formulas and procedures to memorize. Also, a student often does not forget the joy of being able to solve challenging problems. Also, these math contests reward students who ranked high with certificates. Earning certificates and seeing one’s achievement elevate your child’s confidence in his or her math abilities. This feeling of confidence will help your child study higher level math courses in final years of high school and in university.

Moreover, some universities take the result of some math contests into consideration when admitting students in their undergraduate programs. University of Waterloo, for example, takes into account the result of Euclid Contest in admitting a student into their math, finance, and engineering programs.


Richard Zhang

With over 15,000 hours of instructional experience and experience in teaching variety of math contests in Ontario, Mr. Zhang will show students how to think like a mathematician.

What Will Be Covered:

  • ✔ Details of the math contest
  • ✔ What kind of math knowledge is required for the math contest
  • ✔ Strategies of tackling the math contest
  • ✔ How to approach a novel problem
  • ✔ How to organize various information and connecting them
  • ✔ How to use both inductive and deductive logic in solving a problem
  • ✔ Common questions in the math contest and strategies in tackling them


Canadian Senior Mathematics Contests Course (CSMC) Grade 11 - 12 Fridays 6pm – 8:15pm September 6th – November 15th

Small class format. Space is limited.