Meet the Director

Mr. Zhang,Hon. B.Sc (High Distinction), Z.C.E.

Mr. Zhang has graduated from University of Toronto, majoring in geology. Since 2006, he has helped hundreds of students improve their grades in math and sciences through easy-to-understand, highly effecting instructions. Mr. Zhang has a previous experience in managing a mid-size learning centre, and has owned a learning centre for over 10 years, accumulating over 15,000 hours of teaching / tutoring in Ontario.

During his undergraduate career, Mr. Zhang received numerous academic accolades, including Provost Scholar, University of Toronto Scholar (awarded to top 100 students), Trinity College Scholarship, and countless others. He is passionate in passing on his knowledge of study skills to his students. As a result of his instruction, his students have increased their marks by as much as 25% or more and have gotten into toughest universities in Canada. Some of his students have even transitioned from applied program to academic program and eventually gotten into universities.

Mr. Zhang is also a certified programmer and co-founder of a Toronto-based web development company and likes to program apps. He is currently in his final year of completing his Master of Education program at University of Toronto to better help students succeed in school and in life.