Our Approach

At Capstone Learning, we strive to provide enriching learning experience designed to promote higher grades and better sense of confidence.

1 Understanding Your Child's Needs

If your child is struggling in school, there is usually one or more reasons.

Maybe your child did not understand the lesson. Maybe your child did not understand the concepts from earlier grades. Maybe your child did the homework in the wrong way or his or her study and organizational skills can be improved.

We spend time to understand your child's unique needs. This can be in the form of initial phone consultation or pre-assessment.

As the tutoring sessions go on, we keep on monitoring and analyzing your child's progress, strength, and weakness and adjust our tutoring approach so that it continues to be best-fit for your child.

2 Intensive One-on-one Tutoring

Once we have a plan for tutoring, our qualified and experienced tutor will help your child attain his or her learning goals.

This can take place either at our learning centre, a public library near your home, or at your home.

Our tutors are hand picked out of many based on prior experience and academic credentials. They are caring and passionate about helping students.

Through one-on-one tutoring, your child receives undivided attention from our tutor. This enables our tutor to really get to know your child and provide a lesson that is best suited to your child.

3 Analysis, Feedback, and Adjustment

Our tutor provides monthly report to our academic adviser and parents. Our academic adviser analyzes the report in combination with how your child is doing in school in order to adjust our tutoring strategy.

This is because tutoring is not static; it is dynamic process. By actively monitoring your child's progress, we are able to maximize tutoring outcome and improvement.

Contact us today for free consultation. Let us know how we can help your child.