Capstone Learning Math Tutoring

Capstone Learning math tutoring programs are designed to increase students's understanding of concepts. Our tutors will break down a complex concept into simpler, understandable components.

Through our tutoring program, your child will gain not just the knowledge, but also the ability to apply the knowledge to solve variety of problems. Along the way, we also help your child attain optimal study skills.

We Tutor The Following Subjects

  • ✔ Elementary and Middle School Level Math (Grade 1 - 8)
  • ✔ High School Math, Functions (Grade 9 - 11)
  • ✔ Advanced Functions, Calculus and Vectors
  • ✔ IB, AP Math

Why Study Math with Capstone Learning?

1 Our Tutoring Increases Understanding

Our teaching method focuses on promoting in-depth understanding of important concepts in math. We have developed set of instructional strategies and student activities that help students really get it.

Too often, students memorize the formulas and procedures and neglect to think about how and why a formula or procedure work. As a result, these students fail to perform well in tests and have trouble keeping up with math in higher grades.

Have you heard your child say “I did all the homework but I did poorly in the test.”?

In Capstone Learning, we break down complex concepts and procedures into simpler pieces and explore them with students from various perspectives, using research-backed instructional strategies.

2 Our Tutoring Increases Application & Thinking Skills

We believe math is useful only if you can apply them.

Application questions, thinking & inquiry questions, and word problems are feared by almost all students. Yet, over 30-40% of grades in any given math test in high school come from application & thinking questions.

We teach our students effective problem-solving strategies and word problem strategies that students can use to solve harder questions systematically and with ease.

Skills our students learn in Capstone Learning can be used in higher grade math courses, university, and workplace.

3 Our Tutoring Increases Good Practice and Study Skills

In order to obtain higher grades in school, just studying is not good enough. Studying must be done using effective studying technique to be effective.

In class, we coach our students

  • ✔ How to do homework effectively
  • ✔ How to self-study effectively
  • ✔ Effective note-taking skills
  • ✔ How to study for tests
  • ✔ How to decrease test anxiety

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