Learning Is Not Easy!

So many problems. So many distractions. So many hurdles.

Today's parents must worry about multitude of problems faced by their child's academic life.

Maybe your child lacks basic skills in math to succeed in higher grades.

Maybe your child hates studying and doesn’t understand why he/she has to study.

Maybe your child is distracted from Youtube, Instagram, or Facebook.

Maybe your child doesn’t know how to do problem solving.

Maybe your child is just not interested in math or science.

Mr. Zhang, the founder and instructor of Capstone Learning, knows all about it because he has tutored all kinds of students.

Who Is Mr. Zhang?

Richard Zhang has done both undergraduate work in natural sciences and graduate work in educational science in University of Toronto, St. George Campus. His experience in educating young minds goes back to 2006, when he was managing a learning centre in North York.

In his school years, he was a straight A student in both high school, undergraduate, and graduate faculties in U of T, earning an impressive 3.97 / 4.00 GPA in St. George and 4.00 / 4.00 GPA in Ontario Institute for Studies in Education at U of T. If you ask him whether he's smart, he'll say no – not because he's humble, but because he knows it all lies in the methods: the right method in studying, and the right method in thinking.

For close to 15 years and around 15,000 hours of direct instructional experience in Ontario, Mr. Zhang has taught students math and natural sciences. He taught students not only the curriculum materials, but also the ways students can approach and think about novel problems. Understanding ways to absorb knowledge efficiently and tackle novel problems can be beneficial not only for the students' school life, but also for their professional life when they grow older.

Logical thinking is Mr. Zhang’s proverbial bread-and-butter. He is a professional programmer in the day time, owning and working in a software development company that develops innovative educational apps. He is a former Chief Technology Officer of a Toronto technology start-up, and have done application development for many small to medium companies across the Greater Toronto Area.

Where Are You?

We hold classes at our learning centre at Kenndy Rd. and Finch Ave. E.

Services We Offer

Problem-solving classes, Math contest preparation classes, Math tutoring, Science tutoring, English tutoring, Essay proof reading